Business Model

Our business model is how we execute our strategy through providing a broad range of security products and services and through our six regions covering around 85 countries.

Services and Organisation

Positive long term demand for our services

With our global footprint, we have a strong understanding of security market trends. The security outlook around the world is generally becoming more challenging, creating positive demand for our core services around the world. The increasingly challenging economic outlook in emerging markets presents both opportunities and challenges for the group.


Our values are the standards we set for ourselves and they are reflected in the culture of our organisation through our behaviours and actions. In addition, we work in line with relevant international standards and strive to achieve consistent high quality engagement, health and safety performance and ethical business practices across all our operations.

Brand and heritage

We believe that the G4S brand and our heritage as a security company for over 100 years is a strong differentiator with customers.

Scale and capabilities

We are a global business with many years of experience and expertise in the security industry. We recruit, screen and deploy over 150,000 new people each year and deliver efficient services to many thousands of customers. With 566,000* dedicated employees and operations in around 85* countries, our ability to deploy skilled staff on a global basis to support local and international customers is central to our business model. This coverage means we can share learning and experiences across our markets to the benefit of our customers and our business.

Stakeholder Value


Our business model addresses a positive, long-term demand outlook for our core services and seeks to deliver sustainable, profitable growth.


Our employees are critical to our service delivery and by treating our employees fairly and ensuring they have the right training and skills to undertake their roles, we can be an employer of choice.

Our Regions

Our Regions

Strategic Priorities

Investment in people

We invest in selection, training, support and development of our people. We have invested in new leadership, operations and sales training programmes and ensured we have the right recognition, incentives and rewards for performance. See our KPIs for more details.

Investing in customer relationships

Understanding customer needs is central to our success. This enables us to align our organisational objectives to those of our customers and means we can help our customers to be successful. 

We build customer understanding through dedicated sector experts, involvement in industry bodies and academic institutions, strategic work with customers, customer service assessments and feedback. We have a broad-based contract portfolio and our contract review process is detailed on page 48 of our 2015 Integrated Report.

Financial Discipline

We have a disciplined financial framework, operating a group wide contract approval process and capital rationing to ensure that we invest in those opportunities with the best risk/return ratios. We have focussed working capital management and an active portfolio management programme.

Growth and Innovation

A key part of our business model is to grow revenues through leveraging the opportunity to design, sell and deliver more sophisticated, complex solutions in more countries to our existing customer base and to new customers. Such services tend to have longer contract terms and higher margins than manned security alone.

Service Excellence

Excellent customer service is one of our core values and for the last three years we have been investing in capability, processes and performance measures to drive growth, customer retention and customer satisfaction – critical elements of delivering sustainable profitable growth. 

Operational Excellence

We are restructuring operations, designing lean operating processes and using technology to make our operations reliable, effective and efficient. Having invested in a strong health and safety framework, our focus is now on the operational implementation of health and safety actions where they can have the most impact and save lives.


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