Ark of the World - Athens

With support from G4S, the Ark of the World project in Athens helps to provide a safe environment for over 200 children and their families

Dismayed by witnessing the effects of poverty and racism, such as young children abandoned and joining gangs or turning to crime at an early age, Father Antonios Papanikolau, a young priest in the run down district of Kolonos, Athens established “Kivotos tou Kosomou” or “Ark of the World” 14 years ago. Keeping children and their mothers together, when families became homeless or had no income, was his priority.

The Ark currently takes care of around 200 children, from infancy up to 18 years of age, a quarter of whom are from outside of Greece. They experience a harmonious multi-religious and multi-cultural community that aims to protect them from hunger, exploitation and illiteracy. The Ark depends in large measures on assistance from volunteers, including G4S helpers. It also provides a safe haven for mothers needing protection from abusive partners, and G4S has assisted that aspect of the work by installing security systems at the Ark’s two shelters and monitoring their alarms.

“I would like to extend my own personal thanks to G4S for their kindness and continued support and the love it has shown to our organisation and our children. G4S has made sure that our children will live and sleep in safety and for that I am forever grateful.”


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