Mangaung Community Outreach - Bloemfontein

Many of the prisoners at G4S’s Mangaung Correctional Centre in South Africa have a personal connection to the nearby township communities.

The outreach programmes of Dr Dawid Kuyler and his colleagues are therefore a key element in helping to build a positive relationship with the prison’s population.

Since 2006, G4S has delivered an innovative project to recondition and donate old and dilapidated school desks to pupils at schools in the local community. Through this programme, inmates at Mangaung utilise their woodwork skills to recondition old school desks in the prison workshop, and have donated more than 1,200 desks to local schools across the city of Bloemfontein and surrounding areas.

This investment in education continues in other community programmes, such as the Ikhwezi Winter School Project which offers maths and science classes to 620 teenagers every Saturday throughout the school year as well as the holidays. G4S funding covers the salaries of the 20 teachers for the holiday programme as well as materials, transport and sponsorship of employees’ children. G4S also provides three volunteer vocational trainers to deliver craft skills such as leather work, box making and paper craft to a further 225 students.

Through its life-saving Winter Warmer Project, G4S has supported community centres in the local townships of Bloemfontein since 2008. During the coldest months of the year, this project aims to feed and supply warm clothing to the young children and their mothers attending centres such as the Tshepo Day Care Centre. As well as critical financial support from both G4S and its employees, the project receives food and clothing supplies produced by the inmates at the prison.

In 2015 G4S and the Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC) donated 2000 candles to the CANSA Relay for Life initiative, held in Bloemfontein. CANSA Relay for Life is part of an international initiative that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care for them. The candles used for the candle-lit service, which are in memory of those who have succumbed to Cancer, were produced by MCC inmates who took part in the candle-making skills development programme at the Centre.


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