Shiksha School

Since it opened in April 2010, the G4S Shiksha School has provided a brighter future for over 90 young boys and girls in the community of Sangam Vihar, one of Delhiā€™s poorest areas

In partnership with Hope Worldwide and G4S India, G4S plc has funded the construction and ongoing administration of the school, providing the salaries of the teaching staff, educational materials and uniforms.

Shruti is a smartly dressed six-year-old girl, for whom school is an exciting prospect. Her favourite subjects are maths and English and her ambition is to be a police officer when she grows up. Together with her parents and her sister, Shruti lives in a tiny home just 10ft square with a small kitchen attached in the district of Sangam Vihar, one of India’s largest slums.

The family of four has to survive on the meagre earnings of Shruti’s father, which are not usually more than 180 rupees a day (around £2.00). As a result, they cannot afford to give her and her sister more than one meal a day and would certainly never be able to send her to a school like Shiksha.

Thanks to funding from G4S, Shruti and many children like her are able to attend the Shiksha School free of charge. As well offering a good standard of education, G4S Shiksha provides its young pupils with their uniforms and study materials, as well as a nutritious meal each day specially designed for their needs.

In partnership with the charity HOPE Worldwide, G4S opened the Shiksha School in 2010. Since then, G4S and HOPE have been able to provide schooling for over 90 children between the ages of six and eight, which has helped them to start to build a better life and look forward to the opportunities that education can bring.


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