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Preparing the Troops

For the British Army pre-deployment training is a critical part of the 35,000 strong Army personnel, however the time to achieve this level of training is demanding

For the British Army, pre-deployment training is a critical part of successful operations abroad. However, with over 35,000 army personnel undertaking such training each year, it is a resource intensive and time consuming task.

In 2007 the Ministry of Defence considered new ways to resource their pre-deployment training in order to free up the time of their troops. As a result of their search, they decided to outsource elements to G4S.

The size, scale and expertise of G4S mean it can deliver a flexible and innovative solution to the British Army, to meet evolving training needs. Employing a dedicated workforce, the G4S Gurkha Services team has become a crucial part of successful, highest quality training.

The G4S Gurkha team has a disciplined nature and extensive military experience, which ensures they deliver a quality service in high pressured roles and challenging conditions.

Word of G4S Gurkha Services' professionalism and capability spread and in 2008 they became a permanent resource of OPTAG (the operational training advisory group).

As Major Simon Kirby, Contract Project Officer at OPTAG explained “We quickly recognised the value of a formed group of disciplined men, with the right training, attitude and adaptability. They are a remarkably skilled and flexible resource”.

Download the PDF: Preparing the Troops


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