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Protecting National Interests

The role of the UK’s Border Agency is to deliver a firm but fair immigration system

Whilst there are many who enter the UK with legitimate grounds to stay, there are many who are not entitled to remain in the country.

Dealing with this large number of people every day brings about huge challenges. Last year alone, 66,000 people were removed from the UK or left voluntarily, that number equates to one in every eight minutes. Of these people, those who are detained are required to be escorted securely at all times between all the various locations where they might be, such as immigration courts.

It is G4S who is the main provider of in-country escorting, overseas repatriation services, and the operator of four of the eight of the privately run immigration removal centres in the UK.

Each month G4S manages over 6000 movements to and from all eleven immigration removal centres in the UK and to other facilities such as short term holding facilities, last year G4S removed more than 4000 detainees on flights across the world returning people who were not given a right to remain in the UK, back to their country of origin.

At its removal centres including the largest centre Brook House, at London’s Gatwick Airport, G4S can accommodate over 1000 people, more than one third of the UK’s current 3000 capacity.

With widespread expertise in the justice system spanning 20 years, G4S help the UK’s border agency delivery border control which is one of the best in the world.

Download the PDF: Protecting National Interests



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