CSR Reports

G4S plays an important role in society and we take pride in reporting our activities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes our climate action and greenhouse gas reporting, labour relations, employee diversity and other human resource minimum standards, community investment, economic impact and much more. 

2015 CSR report

Our sustainability reporting framework is led by our Integrated Report and Accounts and this Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

The 2015 CSR Report was published on 15 April 2016.

CSR report Downloads

Download our previous CSR reports for a complete look at our CSR performance over the years.

CSR Committee

We believe
that CSR
strategies are
best achieved
into business practices.

Clare Spottiswoode

CSR Report 2015

G4S plays an important 

role in society

We take pride in reporting
our activities.

CSR Report

UK economic impact

The economic impact of G4S within the United Kingdom (2014-15) by Warwick Economics & Development.

2013 analysis and 2012 analysis by Warwick Economics & Development are still available to read.

gross value added impacts of g4s uk operations

UK impact map

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