Community investment

The social and economic impact of G4S reaches well beyond its working environment and touches the lives of millions of people around the world.
Botswana community investment

G4S community investment programmes are largely decentralised to allow our businesses to respond to the issues and needs of their local markets and communities. We do this through partnerships and campaigns with organisations in those communities and supporting the health, education and welfare of children and young people, with the wider aim of helping to raise aspirations and reduce crime in those communities

in 2015 we:

  • Invested around £1.6 million in charitable community programmes and the welfare of employees facing health difficulties or financial hardships in developing countries
    Comprised of:

- Provision of goods, services and financial investment to more than 1,100 community programmes across 65 countries, with a combined value of £1.1 million

- Invested £529,916 into projects to support the long-term welfare and development of employees in development countries

- Facilitated over 13,000 hours of employee volunteering with charitable concerns and local community good causes

- Another £47,700 was generously donated by our employees and other third parties through G4S facilitated programmes

employee turnover

In 2015, 74% of our employees had more than one year’s service.
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our communities

In 2015, G4S and its employees have contributed over £1,600,000 to charities and good causes across the globe.