Economic Impact

Alongside our charitable concerns, G4S brings a range of significant and far-reaching social and economic impacts to the communities in which we work

We directly benefit our many employees and suppliers through the salaries, benefits and payments we make for goods and services, and indirectly support even more companies and local communities as locally procured suppliers and employees make purchases and generate further economic activity through their spending.

In 2015, we commissioned an independent study of the direct and indirect social and economic impacts of G4S in the UK during 2014. The study, by Warwick Economics & Development, demonstrated the economic contribution of G4S to UK national and local economies in terms of employment, output and Gross Value Added.

Covering the period of 2014, G4S:

  • Made a £1.72 billion total contribution to the UK economy
  • Supported 43,079 jobs in the UK through direct and indirect employment
  • Purchased goods and services worth £358 million from UK businesses
  • Generated £423 million in total tax receipts for the UK Exchequer
UK map - economic impact

Of the 12 UK regions, G4S supported five of them with economic contributions of over £200 million. The largest of these was £228 million Gross Value Added to the economy of Scotland. 

The study recognised the wider social and economic benefits brought by G4S to the communities in which we work, including the secure transportation and provision of approximately a third of all the UK’s circulating cash to businesses and consumers, over 500,000 security officer visits to business premises, the provision of rehabilitation programmes to offenders, and the delivery of the Work Programme which helped bring employment opportunities to 35,000 long-term unemployed people in the UK.


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