Diversity and inclusion

For a long time we have recognised our continuing success will be impacted by our ability to harness the great diversity of ideas and experience that exists in the business. To do this, we need to foster an inclusive working environment where employees’ views are welcomed and where different perspectives are seen as vital in shaping the organisation.

We believe that increased diversity is vital to our continued success because the skills and talents we need in the future are found in people from diverse backgrounds.

Gender is the only diversity metric which can be applied globally, and is an important indicator of our progress in this area. 

Women make up 13% of our frontline employees and 23% of our managers, although there is a wide variation between markets. It continues to be challenging to attract and retain women in frontline operational roles, so we offer support via a variety of toolkits and templates to our businesses to assist with recruitment and retention of women.

We encourage our businesses to reach out to the widest talent pools and to ensure that any succession pipelines they develop are reflective of the diverse talent required to run a global and culturally complex organisation. 

Our on-line cultural training tool, available to all employees worldwide, is helping to build greater cultural understanding and make working in diverse teams easier. Developing a global mindset is a core leadership competence so the tool is utilised in the new regional leadership programme launched in 2015 to help participants explore and understand the impact of cultural differences at work. 

Our efforts at building an inclusive workplace appear to be recognised by our employees who responded positively to the question about diversity in the employee engagement survey completed in 2015. Over 80% of the 449,000 respondents indicated they believe the company respects and values people from different backgrounds.

In 2016 we will continue our commitment to building an inclusive workplace focusing on improving our gender balance and on supporting people who have complex barriers impacting their ability to secure work.

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In 2015, G4S invested £529,916 from the Employee’s Trust and other welfare funds into projects to support the long-term welfare and development of our employees.
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