HR Minimum standards

The minimum standards in place for HR are designed to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and managed well in accordance with relevant legislation and the needs of our business.
Security Staff

The standards cover all aspects of employee recruitment, training, engagement, reward and development. There are also standards related to creating a safe and inclusive working environment. 

Businesses are required to self-assess against the standards on an annual basis and provide a return to Group to confirm levels of compliance. They are expected to proactively identify gaps and address areas of underperformance. The feedback from the self-assessments is consolidated to show year on year trends and highlight approaches where more guidance or support may be required. 

Further follow up and assurance of responses and any improvements required is also provided during business audits.

g4s values

Values are the standards we set for ourselves and the culture of the organisation is the way those values are reflected in our behaviours and actions.

Our Values


G4S Values poster