Raising Human Rights Standards

G4S is a founder signatory to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (2010).

G4S Staff

The Code was developed by representatives of the security industry (including G4S), civil society and the Swiss, US and UK governments. 

Based on international human rights standards, the Code sets out the principles for security operations in so-called "complex environments" - areas experiencing or recovering from disaster or unrest and where governments and the rule of law are weak.  It covers recruitment, vetting and training of staff; the use of force by security officers, including the handling of firearms, health and safety; and reporting and complaints handling.

Our specialist 'complex-environments' business, G4S Risk Management is fully accredited to ASIS PSC1 standard which demonstrates G4S RM's commitment, conformance and accountability to the principles outlined in the ICOC and the Montreux Document.

Business for peace

In 2014, G4S committed its support for the UN Global Compact Business for Peace initiative.

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G4S is raising standards through our committment to the UN Global Compact Business for Peace initiative.