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Learning and development

We continue to invest in the training and development of our employees so that they can reach their full potential.
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Inclusive Learning

At G4S we work hard to ensure everyone has access to learning and development opportunities. We strive to foster a culture of continuous development and encourage people at all levels and stages of their careers to develop the right skills so they can reach their full potential.

We do this in a number of ways. This year we have further invested in our learning platform and now have more than 5,000 learning resources. These include an extensive range of e-books, audiobooks, virtual live classrooms, interactive games and e-learning courses, many of which are available in multiple languages for employees to access at a time to suit their schedule and learning style preferences. The courses support orientation and onboarding programs for new employees, as well as the development of professional and operational skills for frontline team members. 

This year we have invested in technology to help increase the number of online learning programmes and resources we can offer in multiple languages.

Leadership Programme

The Next Level Leadership programme (NLL) is our global leadership programme, designed to prepare future leaders to fill key strategic roles across the company, building our talent pipeline for the future.

In 2022, we saw a cohort from our Africa region graduate and four new cohorts start their NLL journeys. In 2023, we will welcome an additional 80+ delegates to our NLL alumni. With past delegates from around the world, this forum, along with our G4S Academy, provide important opportunities for leaders to share ideas and collaborate in building scalable solutions for our customers' latest security challenges.

The NLL programme uses virtual reality simulations to test delegates' expertise, building their security knowledge and competence to apply back in their business and country of operation. As well as covering a number of practical tools and methods to aid effective decision making, the programme also provides a unique opportunity to instil our values. In 2022, the NLL training was delivered to 85 managers and in 2023 the plan is to run four new cohorts (c.80 managers) across our global business.


This year, we have introduced ‘Perform’ as a performance management module within our learning platform. This technology has given us the ability to manage our performance management and objective-setting processes online. Moving forward, this new approach will provide better links between the learning needs identified and the digital learning resources available.

In addition to ‘Perform’ in May 2023, we launched a new social learning module within the learning platform called ‘Engage’. This module provides us with a new and exciting way of connecting with our colleagues across the world and sharing learning in a more informal and engaging way.


As well as our commitment to leadership development, we are also a strong advocate for apprenticeships which are helping to bring new skills, increased flexibility and more diversity into our talent pipeline at different levels across the organisation.

In England, our businesses have spent almost $12.5m on apprenticeships in the last five years, supporting the development of new and existing employees. To date, over 500 G4S employees have successfully completed an apprenticeship and there are currently 690 employees undertaking one.

Our purpose

Our purpose, vision, mission and values are core to shaping the culture of our organisation, helping to guide, unite, differentiate and sustain us. They are integral to everything we do.

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