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Tech-led security solutions

Through our security consultation services, we enable clients to optimise organisational security requirements.
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We leverage best-in-class, proprietary technologies and software to meet client requirements, integrating new and existing assets. 

Solutions include:

  • Security systems integration 
  • Video surveillance, management and analytics 
  • Access control, visitor management and biometrics systems
  • Intrusion detection and alarms
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Personal locators and tracking

Our software services 

SecureTrax ®is our mobile enabled officer-management platform. Designed to increase officer efficiency, SecureTrax® provides officer visibility and accurate, retrievable security intelligence enabling safe facility inspections, real-time incident reporting across multiple site locations and geographic expanses. SecureTrax® enablesteams to amend and review performance, as well as reassign and redeploy guarding operations based on requirements. 

Symmetry Incident Management  is our case management software package. Developed by G4S in collaboration with global clients, Symmetry Incident Management delivers an assured outcome on risk mitigation and exposure, helping reduce costs and improve business performance. Symmetry Incident Management enables users to automate, investigate, analyse and document incidents, so businesses can make informed decisions to operate efficiently, save money, mitigate risk and enforce compliance.

Global Intelligence System (GIS) is our online knowledge portal, providing real-time geopolitical intelligence on global threats and hazards. Compiled and monitored by G4S ground-based resources and risk analysts, GIS offers a unique global intelligence database to help your security teams remain informed and able to act upon threats and exposures. 

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