For more than 20 years, we have provided prisoner transport and escort services on behalf of corrections, police, social services and forensic health agencies in Victoria and South Australia.

As leaders in custodial care and the management of complex logistics, in the last 12 months alone, we’ve safely completed more than 83,000 prisoner movements covering a distance of over 3 million kilometres. 

As the first private operator to deliver safe and secure prisoner transportation within Australian jurisdictions, we understand the vital link between various stakeholders within the criminal justice system, the need for investment in specialist purpose-built vehicles and progressive, dynamic route planning and welfare monitoring technology. 

Our dynamic and market leading prisoner movement services are designed to ensure the ongoing safety of passengers, staff and the community while maximising the use of resources through real-time data, and efficient, flexible scheduling.

Our innovations in transport and escort services include the recent launch of a new range of custom designed, secure vehicles with increased features to ensure the safety, comfort and efficient transportation of persons in our custody. Our aerodynamic vehicle design is environmentally-sound and is cost effective to run. State-of-the-art, inbuilt technology enables secure monitoring and a live feed to our control centre. In addition to being able to monitor and communicate with offenders, new features also allow for staff to quickly adapt to live traffic conditions, as well as changes to passenger numbers, court appearances, and drop off locations. 

With a drive for continuous improvement, G4S continues to support state correctional departments by providing a safe, secure and efficient prisoner transportation solution that puts the welfare of the prisoner first.


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