In today's complex business environment, expert security services are much more than simply trained security guards positioned at the door of your facility or roaming your property during off-hours. Integrated security solutions can include on-site licensed security guards, remote video monitoring, mobile patrols, automated access control, and software technology to assess and manage business risk. 

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Businesses in London, Ontario, trust G4S integrated security solutions to protect physical locations, as well as modernize and transform their operations to meet compliance requirements. Contact our London, Ontario team to talk about integrated security solutions for your business. 
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Mobile Patrol is a Cost-Effective Security Service

If on-site security staffing or remotely monitored video surveillance are more than you need, mobile patrol is a potentially cost-effective alternative. Mobile security guards on mobile patrols can respond to emergencies such as triggered alarms, security events, and perform security checks on buildings, access points, and equipment. 

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G4S offers a powerful and unified security solution for access control in London, Ontario. Our technology solutions encompass several areas of security, including access control and visitor management, incident management, and command and control. 

Our security management solution streamlines guest access at secure facilities, enabling a better experience through the process of registering and signing in guests.
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Looking for a security job in London, Ontario? You can register for the G4S jobs portal to view open job listings, create a profile, and easily apply online. Join our dedicated and professional London G4S team and start a career to help mitigate and manage risks for businesses in London, Hamilton, Kitchener, Mississauga, Toronto, Windsor, and across the country. 

In March 2021, G4S was acquired by Allied Universal creating a global leader in integrated security solutions. Read more about the acquisition and our new parent company here.

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