Maintaining Financial Services Compliance Requirements

AMAG Technology's Symmetry CONNECT enables Multinational Bank to operate more efficiently

Operating in more than 4,000 buildings, one of the largest U.S. banks could not keep up with the onboarding and offboarding of 300,000+ employees, contractors, vendors and visitors. Thousands of people were involved in approving building access, all working in different departments at different locations, each with their own manual processes and compliance requirements. The sheer number of identities to manage was overwhelming and consisted of cumbersome, manual processes using multiple emails and phone calls across the organization. 
Using Symmetry CONNECT the
bank restructured its operations to a
distributed model, giving ownership to
door owners to approve or deny access
requests and on and off boarding
requests with the click of a button
It often took days to get a new employee an access card. Scarier yet were delays in removing an identity from the system, giving ex-employees and non-employees access after their termination dates. All of the manual processes above bogged down the Security Operations department in volleying emails, running reports and doing endless data entry. Rather than hire more people to resolve these issues, the bank looked at technology to streamline its operations, increase efficiencies and manage identities.


You can read the full case study by clicking here (PDF 1246.9 KB). Learn more about Symmetry CONNECT by visting AMAG's website.

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