G4S Supports CACP Annual Conference

G4S's Alan Cakebread speaks at 112th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Montréal, Québec, July 16-19, 2017


G4S Canada proudly supports the 112th Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Montréal, Québec, July 16-19, 2017. Organized to discuss the support and promotion of efficient law enforcement and the protection and security of the people of Canada, G4S provided a unique view on how private security and  public safety organizations can work together. G4S’s Alan Cakebread, a former Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service, provided such insight.
Canada's national security relies on the uninterrupted functioning of its critical infrastructure. Disruptions to critical infrastructure can have a serious impact on the lives of those living in our communities and on the economy on which we rely. It is the role of law enforcement to minimize those disruptions and to protect millions of innocents in the process.
Law enforcement utilizes various tools to do their jobs. These tools can be physical objects such as first aid kits, firearms and flashlights. They can also be things inherent to their personalities that we bring to our jobs, such as communication skills, patience and empathy. 
Modern public safety requires the right tools. Each of these tools has a specific role in serving our communities. Each tool is specifically forged to fulfill its purpose. 
The police are our sword. They are not a weapon, but a tool used for protection and offensive action in order to protect citizens. They work to combat terror, violence, and other horrors before we know of their existence. Without them, we would almost be defenseless.
Their counterpart is the shield. Shields vary in size, shape, and function, but are undoubtedly necessary for the protection of innocent lives in everyday situations. Security professionals are these shields, acting in various locations such as office buildings, retail establishments, and private residences, in order to provide a consistent level of defense for citizens in every area of life.
Both of these tools are necessary in different capacities. Individually, they work. But, the most effective use of a sword and shield is when they are used together. While they require different skills and services, both police and security professionals work towards the common goal of protecting the public.
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