Slamming the Door on Cloning

G4S offers insight in Canadian Security Magazine on the issue of access control credential duplication and how to mitigate it.
Access Control

The duplication of access credentials can affect access cards, key chains tags or fobs. The cloning of credentials creates a security breach. This is a threat to the integrity of your access control system. Action should be taken to discourage the usage of cloned credentials. In addition, it's a good idea to consider upgrading your access system to make it more secure in the future.

iCLASS credentials are more secure than 125KHz prox. iCLASS operates at 13.56MHz. The higher frequency allows for faster read times, Mutual Identification, adding layers of encryption.

Mike tomas, Sales manager, integrated solutions

125KHZ proximity technology has been around for 30+ years. This technology was economical, but thanks to the internet and the passage of time, it has become vulnerable. Because the credential is read only, the credential transmits the same code each time that it is presented to a reader. This technology will keep most incidental visitors out, but can be copied or cloned and therefore is no longer considered secure. Anyone with the proper tools and motivation may be able to breach your system by cloning a valid credential.

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