How to turn a security guard job into a rewarding career

Being a security guard isn't just a job at G4S; it's the first step into a rewarding security career.
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At G4S, our guards are the heart of our security company. 

Security guards play an essential role in safeguarding our communities. Whether they are acting as a frontline static guard, a mobile patrol guard or even a part-time security guard, every single person has an important part to play. 

As a member of our security team our security guards receive the training and experience essential to helping our clients address the challenges facing them today. Whether you are interested in becoming a Director of Security, Elite Protection Professional, or a Business Development Manager—starting as a security guard can lead you to a rewarding career in this exciting field.  

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I have a passion for protecting my community? 
  • Do I want to feel accomplished at the end of my day? 
  • Do I have an interest in using this as a jumping stone to police services work? 
  • Do I want to be surrounded by experienced  and long-serving security professionals? 
  • Do I want a job with growth potential?
If you answered “yes” to any of these, starting as a security guard with our team might be the best first step you can take.
You can see the proof of this in every division of our business. Our Winnipeg Branch Manager started out as a security guard, as did our Chief Operations Officer, Business Development Managers, and many other employees across all of our departments from sales to accounting and payroll to operations. 

Here’s what they have to say about their own career journeys within the security industry:
I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge working in the security industry, performing almost every role.  I’ve been a security guard, I’ve done mobile patrols and alarm response, Risk Assessments and everything Operations. That’s helped me a lot
Sandra Grewinski, Branch Manager, Winnipeg
Physical hands-on experience in the field and on the frontline not only helped me experience security challenges first hand, but it also let me see the client’s perspective of their security issues.
Naeemul Ebad, Enterprise Business Development Manager
People think that when you work as a guard, that it’s just a dead-end guard job, but I can tell them, with G4S you can go anywhere you want to go. I started from scratch as a security guard, which really helps me know and understand the business. I understand both the office side of the business, and what our front-line guards are doing, what their concerns are and how the two interact
Ramy dief, Operational Support payroll and Billing Supervisor

Competitive pay, training & Educational Opportunities

As a G4S security guard, we promise to invest in you and your career in security. We provide you with the resources needed to grow and have success in the security industry. That includes competitive pay, award-winning training and certification and access to our G4Su online learning platform that hosts more than 4,000 programs and courses from top tier institutions including Dale Carnegie, the American Management Associated and curated content such as TED Talks. 

You will also gain exposure to the unique security solutions required by clients across different industries such as government and public sector institutions, technology companies, manufacturing and distribution centres, commercial and residential properties, and financial institutions.


The key to our success in the security industry is built on our core values:

We act with integrity and respect. 

We are passionate about safety, security and service excellence. 

We achieve this through innovation and teamwork.

Our employees demonstrate these values each and every day. We see it in our frontline security guards whose quick actions save lives during medical emergencies, or our HR team creating innovative new ways to apply for jobs safely during the pandemic—G4S employees truly go above and beyond to make a difference in our communities.

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