Help! I Need Security this Weekend

What can you do to quickly ensure your business, and bottom line, are protected?

Does this sound familiar? I am expecting three shipments of lumber this weekend and due to higher than usual prices for lumber and the high demand for lumber in the market, I know that my business is at higher than usual risk for theft. What can I do quickly to ensure my business, and my bottom line, are protected? 
Our answer is simple… First, don’t hesitate to call us. While we are one of Canada’s largest security providers, we are not too big to help our local community partners. In fact, we love the opportunity to support local! Second, don’t panic. We have your security needs covered with just one phone call.

Supporting Communities with Security Services for More Than 50 Years

There is a misconception that the large security companies, like G4S, don’t support one-off activity that may be considered “small.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are proud to represent our community-based clients with either one-off or short-term work.

We understand that the threat of risk to your business can be overwhelming and cause a great deal of anxiety. While we won’t ever downplay the importance to you, we can guarantee that when G4S is engaged, you will breathe a little easier. It’s because of our approach that is based on asking the right questions:

What do you need to protect? What do you need to protect it from? How do you most effectively protect it?
Security solutions for any business can vary from the most basic, think a security professional at a post, to an integrated approach that involves identifying the right mix of people, process and technology. When in need of short-term security support, consider looking for a trusted partner with experience, scalability and adaptability in responding to immediate requests. 

Identifying the “WHY” and “WHAT” Behind your Security Solution

The problem you are trying to solve determines the solution you want to execute. Simply put, having a security guard on-site may not be the solution that is right for you. G4S will ask you the right questions to help you determine the potential security risks that may impact your business and the solution that will help you keep your business safe. While G4S is able to get people on-site quickly, our real value is in helping you identify and address the real risks… before they happen. 

Here are some common scenarios that require an immediate and reliable security response:  

  • Scenario 1: Threat from a recently fired disgruntled employee 
  • Scenario 2: Frequent thefts at your site or store during after hours
  • Scenario 3: Creation and execution of a COVID-19 compliance strategy
  • Scenario 4: Security at high traffic points  - such as a celebration or sporting event
  • Scenario 5: Expected disruption to the business - think construction, civil unrest

Do all the above scenarios need security personnel? Yes. However, the scope will differ in all five situations. The nature of threat dictates the urgency and scope of the response. 

Look to Experienced Security Teams

Looking for a company with the expertise and back-end support to provide you with a quick response can actually save you money in the long-run. Chances are they already have the people, process and technology in place to support your request and won’t be investing in their business on your dime. We caution that price should never be the primary factor in your decision. At the end of the day, if you don’t get the right support, what is it really costing you? 

Ask About In-House Security Training Capabilities

Even if you are looking for short-term coverage, don’t undermine the value that a security company with a solid training program can offer. The quality of the team deployed, directly reflects on the quality of the training provided.  

A few simple questions can help you determine the commitment of the company to their employees’ success. Think about asking: 

  • What topics are covered in the basic training program?
  • How many hours are spent in basic training?
  • Is training provided by in-house trainers or third-party trainers? 
  • What are students expected to achieve to pass? 

Just because you are looking for short-term support, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have guards trained to the highest standards. Often it is more critical as you will want a team who can handle the unexpected and adapt quickly to your environment and threat.

Security on Your Schedule

When you are in need of security support, the last thing you want is uncertainty. Finding a national security team that can provide all relevant security services with just one call, can save you valuable time and money.
Do the research now so you know who to contact when you need it.  We suggest starting with our Products & Services page. 
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