Public Safety Solutions

Police around the world are experiencing strains on their already stretched resources: globalization of the criminal environment; increased sophistication and complexity of crimes, as well as the pressures of police budgets
G4S is prepared to support police agencies through increased monetary value, improved service levels, national surge capacity, and effective security management.

With experience helping police around the world, additional value can be found in the provision of specialist knowledge, expertise and focused training on an as needed basis.
We understand the challenges and pressures facing those in the policing sector and our services are tailored to alleviate these concerns.

In engaging G4S for non-core activities, scarce resources are freed up and the sector is able to do more for less in and for the communities they serve.
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Traffic Control

Traffic and Parking

G4S is experienced in providing traffic control, managing traffic violations, enforcing by-law parking and parking violations. Our experience will reduce expenses & maintenance costs
Police Support

Police Support

G4S can manage crime scene security, property crime reporting, criminal background checks, court security & screening, and risk assessment
Finger Printing

Office Support

G4S offers qualified and specialized staff capable of carrying out front desk operations, inventory management, offender processing, and sensitive document handling
Government and Public Sector


G4S offers detainee transfer services and detention center security management. Our ability to provide this service allows police officers to remain on the streets

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