Security Risk Operations Center

The G4S Risk Operations Center (SROC) integrates multiple, disparate capabilities to help you prepare for, monitor, alert and respond to threats from one central location. The SROC seamlessly integrates the management of enterprise risk intelligence services, command and control functions and remote video monitoring capabilities.

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Intelligence as a service

Security Intelligence provides actionable and comprehensive insights that reduce risk and operational effort for any size organization. Understanding what is happening across resources is critical when identifying threats. G4S employs global subject matter experts on geopolitical risk who provide real-time analysis of events through impact analysis, media monitoring and social/web/dark web analysis. This AI-augmented intel-gathering enables you to immediately know when incidents occur.
Intelligence as a service

Situational awareness monitoring & alerting 

When organizations have thousands of people and assets, there is limited time to assess and manage risk. G4S SROC analysts and operators leverage powerful situational awareness technology that can save hours of sorting through data and reaching stakeholders during a crisis. SROC analysts and operators leverage a powerful AI algorithm to review relevant news, social media, government information and other sources.

Security data analytics reporting

G4S analysts collect and review data to identify security intelligence gaps. Analysts develop periodic reporting to help you identify trends to design and deploy risk mitigation strategies and efficiencies. This helps you optimize spend, mitigate risk, enable automation and digitally transform security programs.
Security Data Analytics Reporting

Travel risk management

G4S’ unrivaled geographic footprint helps you manage employees' safety from departure to return. SROC analysts develop pre-travel advisory intelligence reports and on-demand, pre-travel security briefings. The SROC uses geolocation software to track your team members and provide in-country travel intelligence alerts (via text and mobile) to ensure employees remain safe and connected.
Travel Risk Management

Global crisis management 24/7 response

From natural disasters to workplace violence and executive protection, the SROC delivers immediate assistance during crises across the globe. Analysts keep team members safe by providing local, professional resources when disaster strikes - even in high-risk areas. SROC operators work 24/7 on requests to deploy G4S assets and provide immediate access to critical information to ensure business continuity. 
Crisis Management

Remote video monitoring

The G4S suite of monitoring solutions includes event monitoring, video verification, intrusion & life safety, virtual patrol & chaperone, and rapid video deployment. Using advanced technology, our team of highly trained and experienced operators act in real-time to protect client assets, helping to reduce costs, monitor remote areas, and optimize security budgets through technology.
Remote Video Monitoring

Global security operations center (GSOC) as a service

This solution provides outsourced or augmented solutions that integrate travel risk management, situational awareness monitoring & alerting, intelligence as a service, global crisis management response, security data analytics and remote video camera & alarm monitoring. Fully or partially outsourcing a GSOC to G4S will help you save money, decrease capital expenditure and expand resources. If you choose to build your own security operations center (SOC), G4S provides expert assistance in designing and staffing a modern operations center to deliver a Center of Excellence for security.
General Security Operations Center
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