Cash Services

Our solutions include secure cash logistics, cash processing, ATM management solutions, and high value vaulting services.
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Our cash solutions including:

ATM Management Solutions
Cash Replenishment, Monitoring and Forecasting: G4S operates a fleet of armored vehicles currently delivering cash and valuables. Combining with cash monitoring and forecasting, G4S offers a cash replenishment services in an end to end approach, allowing the added benefit of outsourcing to G4S not just replenishment but also, the total cash management. 
Cash Logistics
G4S uses the best technology and armoured vehicle fleet to deliver world class cash logistics in Hong Kong. All services are under the watchful eye of our advanced Operations Control Centre that plans and tracks every consignment with an integrated management information system. G4S fully insures the value of all cash under its control.
Coin Processing Facilities
Our specially built Coin Centre has the ability to count, verify and consolidate coin and fitness check according to customer needs. 
Financial Institutions Outsourcing Solutions
Total Cheque Management Services: Cheque Clearing Outsourcing, Cheque Deposit Solution and Courier Service.
Cheque Clearing Outsourcing: We can work with you to provide outsourcing services for your bank covering cheque processing, image archive and retrieval, reconciliation and other related back-office functions.
Secure Storage and Courier Services
G4S provides one-stop-shop solution on the security storage vault, sorting, packing, inventory tracking, status updating, reporting and delivery of printed materials, marketing materials, premium, marketing goods items for banking and card products.
G4S Secure Distribution Service provides marketing materials distribution services, our delivery G4S is uniquely positioned to provide customers with high quality secure storage and courier services. 

Secure Storage Services
The offsite storage of data tapes, computer media backup tapes and high value goods ensure that your assets are protected.
G4S provides secure storage of such items at our climate-controlled, purpose built facilities operated under strict security and safety standards. 

High Value Vaulting Services
G4S offers storage of your items of value in a state of the art secure facility supervised by a dedicated team to manage inventory, retrieval and transportation. Your high value items such as gold bullion, watches, stored value cards, gems, jewellery, etc., are stored in a secure climate controlled facility operated under strict security and safety standards which exceed those of the industry.
Secure Courier Services
G4S provides customers with expertise in the distribution of both time sensitive items such as confidential documents. 

Secure Documentation Courier
G4S is able to help businesses manage the day to day document delivery between branches, and the delivery of executive financial documentation to the bank for processing. 

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