CSR Cyprus

In the field of Social responsibility, G4S is very active and over the years, has extensively supported charities via staff fund raising activities. Groups such as Radiomarathon for Children in need and the anti cancer society are some examples.

Cyprus - Radiomarathon

The most important charitable event held in Cyprus is the Radiomarathon, a Fundraising Event for helping children in need and especially disabled and handicapped children.

G4S Cyprus has been supporting and sponsoring the event for twenty four years now, basically since the first Radiomarathon was organized in 1989.

Radiomarathon has become an integral part of our Culture and Social Responsibility and thus our commitment, willingness and dedication is there, both for Radiomarathonios and / or other fund raising events, for the years to come.

The funds raised are donated to various Institutions that provide physical and psychological support and accommodate disabled children (i.e. equipment, facilities) and families.

The Radiomarathon committee also provides financial support to poor people that undertake surgery and need medical treatment. 

G4S Employees (100 people) participated in the event as Volunteers in various activities. Two days prior to the event G4S employees participated in organizing and preparing the kiosks and providing security to the place and on Sunday, the actual day of the event, our staff manned various kiosks (food preparation i.e. greek souvlaki) and playgrounds.

Furthermore, G4S Cyprus is actively involved in the ‘March of Cristodoula – Chain of Life’ to raise money for the Cyprus Anti Cancer Organization, ‘I Walk for the Blind’ to raise money for the School for Blind People, and ‘Medic-Alert’, in which G4S Cyprus currently offers free services to over 15,000 members of Medic-Alert. Approx 15000 Medic Alert members are registered on our Central Station. “MedicAlert” is authorized and undertakes the responsibility to make health related information known to medical or paramedical personnel only in medical emergencies so that they can offer appropriate medical care and avoid risks of potential fatal developments.

In January 2014, the First Lady, Mrs Antri Anastasiades, and the Commissioner for  Voluntary Organizations received 3 tons of food supplies, cleaning materials, clothes and furniture

All supplies were donated to Alkionides, a non-profit organization which currently supports 1000 families that live in poverty.