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Preventist G4S

Due to the current situation with the spread of the pandemic, we have created the position of Security Officer "Preventist G4S".

Main tasks:

  • Measurement of the temperature of persons entering the building, supervision of wearing prescribed protective equipment.
  • Supervision of hygienic measures (max. Number of people) in smoking rooms, company catering areas, rest rooms, etc.
  • Supervision of compliance with the ban in front of the building when smoking, compliance with the intervals during the exit / entry control of employees when leaving the building.
  • Patrol focused on the inspection of affixed information with hygienic measures.
  • Others according to established procedures and customer needs.

In addition to the uniform and protective equipment, Preventist G4S is also equipped with a smart device with the Touch Guard application, which immediately informs the customer in the event of a breach of the established rules or defects.