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It is well known that one of the main symptoms of viral
infections is fever. One of the simplest ways to detect high temperature is to use thermal technology. Our solutions provide an opportunity either temporary or permanent installation using a combination of special thermal cameras and advanced analysis, which automatically monitors the temperature of people entering the designated area.
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Solution for accurate automatic identification of people with elevated body temperature.


  • Airport, train station and metro station
  • Office buildings and shopping malls
  • Manufacturing plants, hospitals and schools

Display of a combination of infrared and visible spectrum.

Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation.

The thermal camera converts this infrared radiation into grayscale values and compares them with the temperature values using a model algorithm. This model (Temperature Gray Level Curve) uses a calibration point (blackbody) to increase measurement accuracy.

Thermal cameras with high accuracy temperature measurement detect an increase in body temperature, which indicates the presence of fever and possibly disease.

These cameras can be used to detect fever in passengers, visitors in shopping malls, employees in administrative centers, manufacturing  plants or logistics centers.

termo kamera 4

solution topology

The basis is a thermal camera, which is placed on a professional mobile tripod due to its easy and accurate settings for capturing people walking through the created corridor.

The camera can also be installed firmly on a wall / ceiling.

To increase the accuracy of the measurement, we recommend using a calibration device called Black body. This device is also placed on a tripod or wall / ceiling so that it is in the field of view of the thermal camera.

Video captured from the captured scene is transmitted over IP (Ethernet) to a network NVR recorder with a connected monitor (preferred variant) or to a customer's laptop / desktop computer that has Windows 10/8/7 or MAC OS installed.

It is then necessary to install the management software iVMS-4200 on this computer, which in this case is used to display the captured scene, either directly on the laptop screen or on a monitor connected to a desktop computer.

The system can automatically control a mechanical barrier such as turnstiles or automatic door systems if the set condition (temperature) is met.

Please always consult a suitable solution with regard to its overall functionality.


  • If the camera detects a person with a higher temperature than the set one, it will automatically alert the operator with an acoustic signal
  • The camera detects the faces of passing people and measures only the temperature of the faces (ie, for example, a cup with hot coffee in the person's hands does not trigger an alarm)
  • The camera detects up to 30 faces simultaneously in one scene
  • Fast detection allows smooth movement of the crowd
  • High measurement accuracy