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Carbon Disclosure Project

We measure and reduce the intensity of our environmental impact - an pivotal part of this is through reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Disclosing our emissions to the carbon disclosure project enables us to proactively manage our environmental impact

Since 2009, G4S has reported on the progress of reducing its impact on the environment through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In the latest 2021 CDP report, G4S achieved a CDP rating of "B-".

The CDP scores companies based on their climate change disclosure; high scores indicate good internal data management and an understanding of climate change-related issues affecting the company.

Reporting to the CDP shows that we as a company are aware of our greenhouse gas emissions, that we take action to measure, report and take responsibility for our environmental impact. This allows for reduction targets to be put in place as well as addressing the risks and opportunities that are associated with climate change.

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