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Carbon Emissions

G4S businesses in the UK have committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. 
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our carbon Emissions

We have partnered with Corporate Citizenship (a global consulting firm, specialising in responsible and sustainable business) to conduct an in-depth review our approach and to develop a full road map and science based targets to achieve our net-zero ambitions. 

We expect to publish details and commence implementation of our new climate action strategy in autumn/winter 2021.

We have made considerable progress to date in reducing our carbon intensity by 15.9% since 2019.

We have taken steps to reduce the energy footprint of our facilities across the UK and to reduce business travel through new technology. From 2020 we have sourced all electricity from certified renewable sources.

Around 75% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions are generated by our vehicle fleet.

For over a decade, G4S have installed  operational vehicles with telematics systems that significantly improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions and, where possible, we have introduced more efficient vehicle engine options into our fleet. 

Since 2009 we have incorporated photovoltaic modules into the roof of cash delivery vehicles to power ancillary electrical energy usage and from 2021, all new cash delivery vehicles will be either hybrid or electric powered.  We have committed to all cars being zero emission by 2030,  with operational vehicles less than 3.5t being zero emission by 2035 and all remaining vehicles zero emission by 2040. 

   2020 2019 2018
 Global GHG emissions t/CO2e  272,955  422,461  444,556
 UK GHG emissions t/CO2e  33,673  51,877  61,645
 Vehicles (inc refrigerant)  25,792  37,313  41,529
 Total Buildings (inc refrigerant)  7,730  14,345  19,738
  - Inc electricity emissions of  5,451  9,555  10,984
  Air Travel  151  219  378

We use Green House Gas protocol methodology to undertake a measurement of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions – vehicle fleet, fuel, refrigerants, and electricity usage for G4S occupied businesses over which we have operational control on an annual basis. In addition we also measure Scope 3 emissions from employee business air travel.

Reducing energy in our UK business

The G4S UK fleet utilises satellite tracking to enable real-time monitoring and feedback on driver behaviour, reducing traffic accidents and increasing fuel efficiency.
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Carbon and energy management 

Carbon and Energy Solutions provide specialist energy saving solutions, environmental and energy compliance and live monitoring of consumption across the business through our Energy Bureau

Slavery and Human trafficking statement

Our Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement describes the actions we have taken to help prevent modern slavery.

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G4S sustainability Report 2020

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is now firmly embedded in our business processes, from employee recruitment and supplier management to bidding and contract delivery. 

CSR Report

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