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Head of Academy, Noah Price delves into the world of security with a suite of short vLOGs. Benefit from our knowledge and insight.

Security Explained

What makes up risk, why does it evolve? How do you measure and mitigate risk?

Intent and Capability of a Threat

Threats - why, when and how best to prepare.

Protecting an Asset

Asset protection - best practice and key considerations. 

Detect, Delay and Respond

Key measures to deliver your objectives.

Safe and Sustainable Events

Chris Burr, MD of G4S Events discusses how G4S have played a leading role in delivering a safe and sustainable return to sporting action during the pandemic.

Minimising Physical Contact at Events

G4S’s Events team has changed the way events are run to minimise contact for staff and patrons. Joanne Burke, Operations Manager for G4S Events in Scotland, discusses what the team has done to ensure a safe and sustainable return for events.