Accommodation for asylum seekers

We provide housing for asylum seekers in two UK regions under a contract with the Home Office

Asylum seeker accommodation

We provide housing accommodation for asylum seekers in two of the UK Home Office’s six Commercial and Operational Managers Procuring Asylum Support Services – or COMPASS – regions.  

The two G4S regions are North East England, Yorkshire and the Humber and; Midlands and East of England.  Under the agreement, we provide housing, utilities and some transport and welfare support services.  More information on the support available for asylum seekers can be found on the website.    

Our five-year agreement with the Home Office started in 2012 and has been extended for a further two years until 2019. 

We have worked over the contract period to improve the quality of housing and support available to the asylum seekers we accommodate.

Asylum seekers can also receive advice and guidance from Migrant Help, an independent organisation, which supports asylum seekers across the UK.

In 2017, we trained our welfare support officers in the use of body-worn video cameras to improve safety for our team and the asylum seekers we accommodate.  We have engaged widely to develop a policy on the use of the devices and conducted a thorough privacy impact assessment, which has been reviewed by the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

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We are committed to ensuring that people who may have been recorded by our welfare officers’ body-worn video cameras can access their data.

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 Asylum seekers or people acting on their behalf can contact our 24/7 service centre

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