Street To Suite"

We can provide trained staff with purpose-designed cellular secure vehicles that can move detainees from the point of arrest to Custody. These vehicles are deployed at the direction of Force Control Rooms and local police supervision and can be pro actively available supporting front line police officers.
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Our vehicles can additionally be used as temporary holding facilities at custody suites during peak times. Should a G4S vehicle be waiting in a custody queue, any further arresting officers arriving in the queue can quickly transfer their detained persons to the G4S staff and immediately return to crime scenes or public order situations. All such transfers are fully documented and PACE compliant.

We have provided these services in South Wales, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Wiltshire, Cambridge and Bedfordshire and now in Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire on a permanent contract basis. Furthermore, our experiences demonstrate that quantifiable savings in police overtime and staffing can be achieved by introducing this integrated service with Custody Suite operations.

A real practical example of strategic partnership and where Police Officers have really felt the benefit
Neil Rhodes, , Lincolnshire Chief Constable
As an extension to our Street to Suite service our staff and vehicles can be utilised to enhance assistance to operational officers and custody suites as follows:-

Suite to Street our vehicles can be deployed to return vulnerable  persons and juveniles to designated locations

Suite to Suite moving detainees between Custody Suites at busy times when cell availability is at a premium. This will enable police resources to remain on front line tasks and not on time consuming and unproductive escort duties

Prison Productions We can collect prisoners from designated prisons in circumstances where those prisoners are required to attend a custody suite as a result of a police production order. We will return them to the prison upon completion of Police enquiries. This service allows warranted officers to concentrate on the investigation of serious and protracted criminal investigations and negates the requirement for their involvement in transport duties.

Wanted Detainee Collections Where a detainee is held in custody beyond a force boundary, we can collect and bring them to the appropriate Custody Suite. If the request is made of a locally deployed Street to Suite vehicle, it is at the discretion of the force as to whether the vehicle and staff are best deployed within force or, at an appropriate time, deployed out of force for detainee collection. We have provided this service in Lancashire and have transported detainees from Scotland back to Lancashire when they have been wanted for questioning.

The term  "Street To Suitetm"  is trademarked by G4S Policing Support Services
Our "Street To Suite" tm service is particularly useful in rural areas, where scarce numbers of police officers face the challenge of how to maintain a police presence whilst also needing to escort detainees to custody.

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