Fever Screening

The situation

Whether you work at a premises that has remained opened and continues to experience high footfall volumes or are planning a return to work, precautionary measures are necessary in order to protect the well being of your staff and reduce the risks of spreading virus.

How We Can Help?

Fever screening has quickly emerged as a possible aid to the efforts in identifying individuals suffering from elevated temperature – one possible virus symptom. We provide both technology and resources to facilitate the screening process. 

How We Do It

It is well-known that one major symptom of virus infections is fever. One of the easiest ways of detecting a high temperature is by using thermal technology. Our solution provides options for either temporary or permanent installation using a combination of specialist thermal cameras and advanced analytics to accurately automatically monitor the temperature of pedestrians entering a designated screening area. 

Upon activation of a high temperature alert, operatives can take the necessary preventative action such as a more detailed Q & A or secondary assessment before deciding on whether to permit access. 

What it Means for You

Provide peace of mind for your workforce that all possible preventative measures are undertaken without causing congestion when staff pass through onto a site.