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Trusthworthy & Reliable construction workforce manpower

G4S, a global solution provider operating in the Marianas for fourteen years, and Orange International Recruitment Services Inc. (Orange), a licensed recruitment agency with the Philippine government, have teamed to deliver qualified staff meeting stringent clearance and vetting requirements for employment under MACC (Multiple Award Construction Contracts).

Guam anticipates a significant increase of staffing needs across all industries as military build-up efforts continue.  Staffing needs will quickly exhaust Guam’s working population and companies will need to explore opportunities to recruit qualified workers from overseas.

Migrant employees from Asia may have a good work ethic; however there will be major differences in their mentality, skill levels and legal/travel clearances.

Through proven and meticulous screening processes, and in-depth candidate interviews and background checks, G4S/ORANGE provides trustworthy Filipino workforce manpower

Our range of experience covers the end-to-end recruitment processing services using a variety of means to recruit candidates for your needs, with a focus on the following industries and disciplines:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Nursing and Healthcare


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