Secure Data Solutions

Secure Storage and Courier Services
secure data solutions

G4S provides one-stop-shop solution on the security storage vault, sorting, packing, inventory tracking, status updating, reporting and delivery of printed materials, marketing materials, premium, marketing goods items for banking and card products. G4S Secure Distribution Service provides marketing materials distribution services, our delivery G4S is uniquely positioned to provide customers with high quality secure storage and courier services. 

Secure Storage Services

The offsite storage of data tapes, computer media backup tapes and high value goods ensure that your assets are protected. 

G4S provides secure storage of such items at our climate-controlled, purpose built facilities operated under strict security and safety standards.

High Value Vaulting Services

G4S offers storage of your items of value in a state of the art secure facility supervised by a dedicated team to manage inventory, retrieval and transportation.  Your high value items such as gold bullion, watches, stored value cards, gems, jewellery, etc., are stored in a secure climate controlled facility operated under strict security and safety standards which exceed those of the industry.  Our secure storage facilities handles a wide variety of items such as data back up tapes, internal records, customer files, title deeds, as well as computer media disks.  Server racking is also available to customers who require off-site backup to ensure business continuity in case of incident.

Items for storage are transported via our fleet of vehicles and placed in tamper evident containers before being stored in our climate controlled secure facilities.  Every item stored is given a unique reference number, which is then recorded on our inventory system.  Each item is allocated a specific storage location within the facility to ensure ease of reference and retrieval.  By centrally storing items of value through G4S, customers are able to better manage inventory to ensure security and continuity. 


Secure Courier Services

G4S provides customers with expertise in the distribution of both time sensitive items such as confidential documents.


Secure Documentation Courier

G4S is able to help businesses manage the day to day document delivery between branches, and the delivery of executive financial documentation to the bank for processing.

Customers can rely on G4S to manage professional couriers for the return of processed documents such as cheques, and the delivery of data tapes.