ATM End to End Services

G4SEI is a leading outsourcing and payment transaction processing company.
Layanan ATM Terintegrasi

G4SEI ATM outsourcing solution will allow BANK to outsource its deployment of ATM’s, Site set up, card-based activities and field based activities to Euronet and let you retain complete control over all your critical customer information.  

Our Services

  • Transaction Services

ATM, POS, CDM Driving and Switching  Driving the Bank ATMs and Switching of Cardholder Transaction from the ATM to the Bank Core Banking System or or Shared Networks Local or International  for  authorization  with following Security Financial Industry Standard ( EMV/3DES)

G4SEI  will  develop  the connection to Shared network International and Local with common standard Format Card Management Services and Pin Mailer Processing,

  • Managed Services

G4SEI will utilise monitoring tools to monitor Bank  ATM’s 24/7 and will promptly manage any ATM issues to resolution with the appropriate parties.

G4SEI  vendor management team will conduct regular coordination meetings  to address any identified problems or trends. Targeting SLA achievement and continuously improve performance and maximise efficiency.

G4SEI will provide Bank with Monthly MIS reports and provide daily Reconciliation of the network.

  • Field Services

Euronet will forecast cash requirements and schedule replenishments

Euronet will schedule FLM visits and arrange on-call visits as necessary to meet SLA levels and maintenance of ATMs and associated ATM Infrastructure. Includes scheduling of PM visits based on manufacturer’s schedules.

  • Assets Services

Asset Provision

Asset Rentals