I have a premises or campus I want to monitor

The Situation

With prolonged periods of remote working forecast, many organisations need to keep a permanent eye on what’s happening on site.

How Can We Help?

A dedicated connection to our state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre which is accredited to Category 2 Gold Standard NSI standards, will allow us to permanently monitor your premises. Upon receipt of an alarm notification, we can guarantee trained, informed staff with the power to act in your interests.

How We Do It

Should an alarm be activated on one of your sites our alarm receiving centre will dispatch one of our mobile teams. We provide a detailed report for each incident, outlining the time of activation, officers responding, vehicle information, arrival time on site, and the action taken, providing a complete audit trail for your records.

What IT MEans for You

Peace of mind that your facility is permanently monitored through a period where resources are likely to be at a premium. Deter any criminals or potential opportunists from attempting to access your site by making your facility be or appear active.