I need large volumes of security staff quickly

The Situation

During a crisis, huge demands are put on resources which may leave you unable to cope. You may need to manage a large influx of people and you’re concerned things may get out of control.

How Can We Help?

Our teams of trained and skilled security guards are ideally placed to diffuse the most hostile of situations and help organisations provide a best in class customer experience. Whether it be car park stewarding or conflict management and dispute resolution or just someone to move boxes and take out a few deliveries, we have teams available to support you at short notice.

How We Do It

We select, train and deploy skilled and experienced personnel that we can make available at short notice should the situation arise. An integral part of any team, our staff are here to help your bespoke requirements.

What IT Means for You

Allow your operations to function and optimise the use of your remaining resources whilst we focus on the emergency situations that present themselves. Help you fulfill the increased demand on services and resources, keeping your business moving along the way.