I have remote workers that I need to secure

The Situation

With an increased number of workers operating alone and remotely, securing those staff is at the forefront of your planning. 

How Can We Help?

Our lone worker protection services provide the technology and processes that help to create a safe working environment. Our services include lone worker risk assessments, proactive protection, , reactive protection with ‘push for help’ and bodyworn live streaming CCTV, linking a control room to the worker in realtime to see, hear and communicate.

How We Do It

Remaining in permanent connection with our Alarm Receiving Centre, your staff can immediately raise an alert for us to act upon should an emergency situation arise. 

What IT Means for You

Staff are able to focus on their business operations and work securely. Your duty of care as an employer is maintained. 

Our support can ensure that  at a time of need, your staff are in safe hands as emergency services and support are in transit.