International Magazine

G4S has published the latest edition of International magazine with stories from around the world

International Magazine

International is our customer-focused magazine which highlights the innovative ways G4S is addressing security challenges around the world
International Magazine - 2015 #1 Issue 2015
Top Stories Inside This Issue:

Making the world a safer place
How G4S rises to the challenge of risky environments
Setting gold standard for energy industry
Driving traffic incidents off the road
Latest figures show cash is still king

International Magazine - 2014 #1 Issue 2014
Top Stories Inside This Issue:

The Americas: Providing security solutions in 26 countries
Topping the charts at music festivals
G4S strategy is market led
Vital operations for healthcare
Survey reveals pride in working for G4S

International Magazine - 2014 #1 Issue 2013
Top Stories Inside This Issue:

Africa: Meeting security needs in 29 countries
Keeping cash circulating after Cyprus banks closed
Hangzhou welcomes G4S partnership
Making a commitment to human rights