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Creche at Gurgaon Prison


Creche at Gurgaon Prison

G4S India sponsors the Creche (for the children of inmates of prison) by sponsoring their education, uniforms, food, regular health chek ups, outings, games, music & dance, story telling, cartoon/inspiration movie, paper cutting and folding hand painting and nutritious food. 

Children are permitted to stay inside prison premises with their mothers upto the age of six years in India.  This  Creche is located within the female’s prison at Gurgaon prison.  The primary object of setting up this facility for the children of inmates was to ensure that these children have a fair opportunity to grow up without the stigma of (their mother’s) imprisonment as far as possible, while they still lived behind bars alongwith their mothers.

Some children are born inside the prison itself and are virtually unaware of life outside the four walls of the prison.  Therefore the creche has a very crucial role to play in the holistic development of these children.  The Creche Project, aims at offering these children, emotional, mental and physical well being.