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G4S Covid Support

G4S is here to support You

Regardless of the challenges, G4S is committed to working closely with you to identify the risks you face and to help you build a plan to mitigate them.


Facility and Vehicle Decontamination and Sanitisation Solution

With specialised sanitising and disinfecting services for workplaces and vehicles, prepare your facility to be ready from any harmful contamination. The solution can help companies prepare their facility for reopening and provide a safe and healthy environment for employees to return to.


Sanitisation Tunnel

This solution ensures what belongs outside remains outside. If you have offices in commercial spaces in high footfall areas or even an office with a significant strength of employees, the decontamination tunnel is effective in reducing the contagion among healthy people, thus protecting employees and assets and keeps the business running. The solution uses a vapour-generation instead of conventional sprinklers. The process and safety of chemicals used have also been confirmed in studies by EPA and WHO.


Thermal Fever Screening and Detection Solution

It is well-known that one major symptom of virus infections is fever. One of the easiest ways of detecting a high temperature is by using thermal technology. G4S fever screening solution provides options for either temporary or permanent installation using a combination of specialist thermal cameras and analytics to accurately automatically monitor the temperature of visitors entering a designated screening area.


Security and Patrolling Services

Unattended and vacant sites could be vulnerable to external disruptions. G4S security and patrolling services can provide support and be your eyes on the ground – surveying and reporting the situation on ground.


Mobilizing (additional) Security Personnel

Unforeseen circumstances and uncertainty can put considerable strain on resources for a number of industries. Highly-trained G4S security personnel can be deployed at sites temporarily or long term to provide extra security to help mitigate difficult situations.


Meeting Compliance Requirements of your Security and Facility Staff

In these difficult conditions most of your outsourced business partners may be facing liquidity issues impacting their ability to continue meeting the compliance standards and paying salaries. For continuity of all your compliance requirements, G4S can provide support allowing you to focus on your business.


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is proven effective in the control and prevention of exposure. Catering to various tasks performed in offices and level of exposure, G4S offers a range of protective gear, endorsing safe working practices. 


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