G4S has a heritage of more than 100 years

Ou nous opérons

Since we take over of SAFETECH in Madagascar into 2003

G4S Madagascar provides Security Solutions for public sectors:

Small and medium-sized businesses

Companies and international industries

Private residences


Diplomatic missions and Non governmental Organisations

Actually the Company employs 2500 people nationwide


  • SAFETECH started in Madagascar in 2003, and after a successful cooperation with the ”United States Embassy” (for the security services), SAFETECH Madagascar (currently G4S Madagascar) worked with a large wide of public and private organisations, such as: • the British Embassy, • the Embassy of Norway, • “Henri Fraise” Company, • HOLCIM • DYNATEC • ADRA (Adventist Development and Agency Relief) • MICTSL - Madagascar International Container Ltd Services in Tamatave • and other clients / commercial and residential sites, providing them security services


  • In 2004, SAFETECH launched the “Emergency Response Services” from the “Guard Monitoring Service”


  • In 2006, SAFETECH had grown to more than 1000 employees, providing wide range of security services and integrated security solutions


  • SAFETECH MADAGASCAR becomes a member of G4S group and goes on with its qualitative and quantitative level development
  • A check off at the end of the year 2008 shows that G4S employs 1800 employees


  • The year 2009 was the year of the depth reorganization and modernization of G4S Madagascar
  • It was also the beginning of the setting sequence standards of G4S international Plc
  • G4S Madagascar continues to grow through the politico-economic crisis that shook up the country
  • By providing a large wide of security solutions, the Company (G4S Madagascar) had known a sustained growth, while continuing its modernization and by launching a wide range of services with high added value (distance monitoring, real time geolocalization of the clients’ vehicles, development of a complex integrated monitoring system)

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