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G4S Malta has a broad base of customers in different sectors such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Aviation & Healthcare amongst others. By working closely with organisations, we learnt that they are exposed to many risks on a daily basis and therefore we strive to minimise the potential negative consequences of risks by proposing strategic security solutions. 

A Continuous Risk Management Strategy 

As part of our Risk-Based Approach to security, our data-driven Risk Assessment helps organisations to be aware of potential risks and identify crucial security requirements. This is the first step towards creating a fully customised integrated security solution, combining expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics and cash-related solutions.  

G4S Malta's Risk Assessment will allow us to evaluate What do you need to protect, what do you need to protect it from and how do you most effectively protect it.


G4S Risk Assessment_Fundamental Questions

By completing the G4S Risk Assessment, our customers will be in a position to better understand their security requirements and eventually to start the process of having an integrated security solutions strategy in place.