Health & Safety

The right to protection of life and health for workers is classified in all international documents as a basic human right.

Health Safty

As a result, G4S provides Health & Safety at work as a legal obligation.

Health & Safety at work (H&S) is prescribed and required by Law, meaning that every company must have either certified SHW officers responsible for enforcing H&S rules and regulations, or an outsourced service.

G4S has H&S managers who are holding bachelor or master of science degrees of the Faculty for Health & Safety at Work, which is the best guarantee that all obligations undertaken shall be performed and delivered in accordance to the Law.

A prerequisite for successful implementation and enforcement measures for H&S in the workplace and working environment, is the employer's assessment of the risk of injuries or damage to health or illness of the employee. Risk assessment is based on determining the risks and hazards in the workplace and working environment, which can cause injuries and / or diseases and the likelihood of their events.

Given the legal obligation, all employers in Serbia are obliged to provide the Risk Assessment Act in writing for all positions in the working environment and to identify ways and measures for their elimination.

Engaging our company as an outsourced solution delivers benefits to the customers, since we are a certified provider of the entire scope of H&S services, including:

1.     Making of H&S Rulebook

2.     Making of H&S Training program

3.     Conducting theoretical training of employees, either our own staff or customer’s staff

4.     Making of H&S Risk assessment Acts

5.     Conducting all other actions required by H&S Law