Health & Safety

Consultancy and compliance save lives. All under your control. Or not?
G4S employee wearing safety vest

Think of your employees even when they do not think of themselves. Protecting them means protecting your business. We are here to keep your people safe and healthy at all times. And your company too.

Our team sees reduction of work injuries and occupational diseases as their duty. Prevention is necessary.

G4S has a license to perform work in the field of health and safety in the workplace encompassing services in accordance with the law:

  • Conducts risk assessment procedure
  • Controls and advises the employer in the planning, selection, use and maintenance of work instruments, hazardous materials and tools and equipment  for personal protection in the workplace
  • Participates in equipping and arranging the workplace in order to ensure safe and healthy working conditions
  • Organizes preventive and periodical testing of working environment conditions
  • Organizes preventive and periodical checks and inspections of  work equipment
  • Proposes measures to improve working conditions, especially in a workplace with increased risk
  • Monitors and controls the implementation of  health and safety measures with the employer on a daily basis
  • Monitors the situation regarding injuries at work and occupational diseases as well as work-related illnesses, participates in determining their causes and preparing reports with the proposal of measures for their elimination
  • Prepares and implements training of employees for safe and healthy work
  • Prepares instructions for safe work and controls its implementation
  • Prohibits work in the workplace or use of work instruments, in case of the immediate danger to the life or health of an employee
  • Collaborates and coordinates work with the occupational medicine service on all issues in the field of occupational health and safety
  • Keeps records in the field of occupational health and safety with the employer

G4S in Serbia gives special attention to the development and improvement of services in both fire protection and health and safety, as required by the law. We are licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide fire protection services which include preparation courses for our staff as well as for third party employees. All trainings are held by certified experts with proven track records and experience in the said fields.