Covid-19 Statement

Dear Clients,

G4S Secure Solutions continues to be your reliable partner in the days of declared state of emergency in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

In compliance with the state measures and recommendations introduced to fight the COVID-19 virus epidemic, we have adapted our operations and made sure that our activities are ongoing, in accordance with the G4S approach of providing service excellence. Our mission is to keep our clients premises secure and we are doing our best to ensure the continuity of G4S' business.

Any successful overcoming of challenges is based on cooperation in which all parties make equal contributions. We at G4S believe that, at this crucial time for all of us, timely fulfillment of our obligations towards each other will be the most important element in our efforts to stay away from any risk.

If there are certain restrictions that you would like us to comply with when implementing a service in this evolving situation, feel free to let us know.

Stay safe.

G4S Secure Solutions Team

March 19th, 2020