Fire Protection

Fire, unlike other risks, can cause years of damage in just a short space of time.


As a result, G4S in Serbia gives special attention to the development and improvement of services in the fire safety field, as required by law.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide fire protection services which include preparation courses for our staff as well as for third party employees for taking their fire protection exam. These courses are held by certified experts with proven track records and experience in fire protection services.

  • Fire Protection Officer services are provided to our customers which are determined by Law into III or IV category of risk of fire (e.g. office buildings which are not classified as tall constructions; industrial sites not classified as high risk of fire category; warehouses and depots which are not storing flammable materials; museums and cultural institutions; manufacture stores etc.). Fire Protection as an outsourced service is provided by our engineers holding bachelor or master of science degrees, as mentioned above - certified experts with proven track records and experience in Fire protection services.
  • Making of Fire Protection Normative acts in accordance to the Law is another service we provide to our customers. It includes preparation and conducting training sessions with customer’s staff, all defined by Law on Fire protection.

Through engagement with the most qualified subcontractor companies, with proven references, our customers are also provided with maintenance and servicing of fire protection equipment (fire extinguishers; early fire detection and warning systems; automatic sprinkler systems etc.)

Where necessary and required by the customer, G4S security officers engaged in providing manned guarding services are also certified as fire fighters and they are continually being trained and educated.