Manned Guarding

Providing a combination of services for protecting, planning and training staff and defining security system procedures.

g4s staff

Manned Guarding services range from traditional static guarding at sites such as banks, hotels, industrial facilities, office buildings, retailers, embassies and residences. We provide guarding services to more than 150 clients.

G4S in Serbia currently employs more than 4200 guards engaged in manned guarding, which is over 85% of the total number of employees. Since the guarding of the entrance represents a company, overall appearance and manners of our officers are equally important as quality of their training and security equipment.

Our basic duties are not only in securing client’s assets and employees. G4S security officers are available at all times and ready to help in all extraordinary situations that clients may face. By introducing new procedures and in-house rules relating to site protection, G4S security officers have prevented numerous thefts, damages, indisciplined behaviour at the workplace, fires, floods and other incidents. All security officers engaged in manned guarding of the sites are connected via radios and/or mobile phones to our Operations Center which supervises and coordinates every officer 24hrs a day.