Mobile Guarding

Mobile guarding is a new service on the Serbian market and G4S is the first security company to establish such a department.

Mobile guarding

At the end of 2006 a new mobile guarding service department was created by merging the existing Monitoring and Control & quality departments.

Mobile guarding is actually a form of manned guarding service.  It is a substitution of traditional and constant engagement of security officers, and it is performed once or few times a day, by pedestrian and vehicle patrols with verification at checkpoints (Tour Guard System). 

Mobile guarding service includes three basic sub-services: 

1.     Patrol - visit to predefined sites and perimeters, security check and interior check of secured sites, locking/unlocking of sites, reporting on defective security devices, locks, fences etc.

2.     Intervention – prompt reaction upon receipt of alarm signal from endangered site; check of the site exterior or interior; securing the site after the incident/accident in order to protect the evidence until Police arrival; in accordance with Law restrictions, restraining offenders until the Police arrive.

3.     Escort – escorting cash or any other goods transportations in order to protect it from robbery, surprise attack, extortion etc.

Mobile Guarding goals:

  • Preventive Protection – To deter potential intruders and vandals from endangering secured sites through random patrols
  • Surprise Factor – To detect every defect or illegal activity during the patrol visit
  • Efficiency – To intervene in the shortest possible time and to protect a property
  • Flexibility – To meet specific clients’ requirements and provide optimum security
  • Cost Efficiency – Compromise between security maximization and cost minimization