Security Risk Assessment and Security Consultancy

The G4S Security Risk Assessment & Security Consulting team specializes in optimizing business continuity strategies and programs that protect assets, employees, customers and strategic business information.
risk analysis

Today’s security leaders encounter many challenges. They have to operate with reduced budgets and face challenging and evolving risks on a daily basis. Security leaders are often ignored and only called upon when needed or in disaster situations. Many don’t have an ongoing relationship with the C-suite because the C-suite doesn’t understand the value they bring to the whole business.

In order to resolve these challenges, a security leader can apply a risk-based approach to their security program.

Through utilizing a 3R model - considering  resources, risks and resolutions - a security leader can evaluate the output from the model to build the foundation of a strong plan. This allows the leader to make security decisions based on a quantified risk measure. A business determines what resources it wants to protect, what risks it needs to protect the resources from and what resolutions it can put in place to mitigate the risk. Decisions are based on measurable evidence.

A risk-based approach aligns the security mission with the organization’s mission. Security leaders should have these conversations with their business leaders on a regular basis. Understanding the thresholds of risk tolerance and showing when incidents or activities are trending outside of acceptable boundaries will help business leaders make educated decisions. 
Continuous conversations using the 3R model also help business leaders understand what security risks could interfere with meeting business objectives.

G4S Corporate Risk Services delivers specialized solutions that mitigate enterprise security threats. Led and staffed with professionals, most of whom have government, military or law enforcement backgrounds, and augmented by a global G4S network and strategic-partner assets, G4S Corporate Risk Services is the partner of choice for securing your organization from external and internal threats.